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Surly Midnight Special in Metallic Lilac


Lazzuly came in knowing she wanted a Surly Midnight Special and knew she wanted it in this incredible "metallic lilac" paint. We looked at the complete options and decided to go with a frame up build, in large part to use these excellent 700c Fulcrum wheels, as the completes roll with 650b wheels. These larger wheels will be excellent for the long road rides Lazzuly will tackle with this bike. With reliable TRP Spyre brakes and a 3x8 Tiagra drivetrain this bike is easily serviceable. Slick Panaracer Gravelkings with the extra puncture protection means these tires roll fast but wont be as fragile as the quick-wearing normal gravelkings. Enjoy this rockin' bike for many many miles!!


Surly Midnight Special, Fulcrum Wheelset, Tiagra/Spyre


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